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  • UltraCalming Cleanser (1.7 oz) - gentle cleansing cream
  • UltraCalming Mist (1.7 oz) - soothing, cooling spritz
  • Calm Water Gel (0.5 oz) - weightless water-gel moisturizer


Sensitive Skin Rescue Kit

  • This powerful trio calms, soothes, hydrates and helps defend sensitive skin against future flare-ups. Contains UltraCalming Cleanser 1.7 oz (gentle cleansing cream), UltraCalming Mist 1.7 oz (soothing, cooling spritz) and Calm Water Gel 0.5 oz (weightless water-gel moisturizer).

    This kit helps to:

    • Manage the internal and external influences that trigger sensitization
    • Calm, soothe and minimize irritation
    • Fortify skin's protective barrier for healthier skin
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